For over 10 years we have been repairing, rebuilding and modifying rotary engines. Through the years we have selected what we believe to be the best parts available to offer you the best rebuilt engine we can offer at the best price.

We started out in the UK and built a name for ourselves by delivering a great service and reliable engines. We then took over one of our competitors a few years later. With the growing amount of customers in Europe and concerns for the UK market after Brexit we moved operations to a small workshop in France solely supplying the rebuilt engines. Now following Brexit and our dedication to the European market we are currently based in the Netherlands in a dedicated workshop offering servicing, modifications and the whole engine rebuild package from start to finish and of course our after care.   

Through the years we have developed what we believe to be the best methods for cleaning, measuring and assembling rotary parts to provide a reliable and useable engine. 

Rebuilt commandé et reçu en moins de 10 jours. Avec Street ports en plus. Pendant la  construction, j’ai reçu des photos pour le suivi du travail, Photos me garantissant un travail très sérieux, Polissage des conduits, pièces comme neuves. Enfin à la réception du bloc, celui-ci était en effet comme neuf. Démarrage parfait et après 1000 Kms le moteur tourne parfaitement. Merci, à vous. Enfin du sérieux. En plus super contact, et explicatif complet.